Ashley is a Charleston, SC native, howe, er her family, Scotch and Irish arrived in Charles Towne and migrated to Georgia. She started offering guided History and Ghost tours back in 2000. She has a love for the butterfly effect of history and the way things came to be.  Revolutionary History and the oddities of history are by far her favorite things to tell people about.

“Savannah has always been my place to get away and relax. There is something about Savannah where time slows down, you really get the chance to unwind here, yet there is always something fun and new to be had. ”


Jon, born to a career naval woman, was a traveler the day he arrived into the world. He was born in Virginia, traveled to Spain, Philadelphia, Bermuda, and would finally settle in Florida for his teenage years, but he never took his walking shoes off. At age 25 he backpacked Ireland. He then joined a cruise ship at age 28 and sailed around the world. He has visited 37 countries and 61 cities. To quote Jon “World traveler ya know!”

“Savannah is breathtaking and to be able to share her history and stories with so many wonderful people is a privilege to say the least. As I have traveled the world I have never felt as at home as I do in Savannah. The rich culture and History, the City is alive 24/7, there is an energy here that sooths the soul, or hey maybe it’s that you can drink in the street?! “